Simplest video to learn how to braid Challah, because like I said before.. Learning to bake challah was solely worth the price of pastry school tuition.. plus the hunky veterans in the culinary program. Happy Memorial Day!

**The numbers represent the positions of the strands, not the strands themselves
-Pinch ends together
-4 over 2
-1 over 3
-2 over 3
-Lather, rinse, repeat
-Pinch ends together


When you work an insane number of hours, you’re going to get fatigued—for your neurons can only handle so much effort until they get worn out.

What’s happening here? Psychologists call it decision fatigue: the phenomenon where the more decisions you make, the worse at deciding you get. It’s part of the reason why judges give harsher rulings late in the day and hiring managers prefer the people they interview in the morning. Additionally, if you’re tired, you’re more likely to make unethical decisions—which suck and are to be avoided.